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Images of paintings on this website are subject of copyrights. Paintings by Hanna Chmiel are subject of copyrights.

Other images have either been:

1) Downloaded through Wix, a platform on which this website has been made. Please note that 'the license available with these images is for digital use within Wix only. Therefore, unless Wix explicitly states otherwise, these images may not be used in printed material or anywhere outside of Wix.1

2) Downloaded free of charge from Unsplash as per Credits page: Credits | My Site 2 (

Licence to use images of paintings on this website

In accordance with Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, paintings sold through this website, and their images on this website are subject to copyrights.

You must not:

Republish these images (including on a different website).

Reproduce, duplicate, print, copy or use these images for commercial purposes.

Edit or otherwise modify these images.

Sell or rent these images.

Grunge Bricks Transparent

Thank you for following these requests.

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