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Privacy policy

This online store has to collect some data in order to process orders, or to respond to questions received online or by email.

Please read below full information about use of your data:

The Privacy Policy concerns website.


While you visit our site, we’ll track:

  • Location, IP address, we’ll use this for purposes like establishing or revising shipping or insurance costs.

  • Browser type: we’ll use this for purposes like support with images display or payment process.

We’ll also use cookies to keep track of cart contents while you’re browsing our site.

When you purchase from us, we’ll ask you to send details of your name, billing address, shipping address, email address, phone number and credit card/payment details. We’ll use this information for purposes, such as, to:

  • Process orders

  • Send you questions or information about your order

  • Respond to your requests, including details of tailor-made orders, refunds and complaints

  • Process payments and prevent fraud

  • Improve our store offerings

For tailor made orders we ask for images so that order can be discussed and personalised.

If you use contact form we collect your name, email address, media submitted and any other information you included in the submission. We use the information to respond to the query.

Content from other websites: Some pages of the website include external content (for example, links to other websites, images). Such content can have tracking and cookies linked to their original sites and are subject to those sites’ privacy policies.

Cookies policy: This website is built on platform and follows Wix Cookies policy which can be read here:

Cookie Policy |

We may your personal data with the following third parties:

-Service providers and system administrators (for example, WIX or ICT providers).

-Payment platforms used to process your order.

-Companies and organisations that are included in the service or orders (for example, courier companies, packaging manufacturers, insurers).

Where we disclose your personal information to the above third partiers for these purposes, they will be obligated to use that personal information in accordance with the terms of this privacy statement.


In case of data submitted to make payments, we comply with Wix policy that can be found Wix Payments Terms of Service | For easy reference please note the most relevant points below; ‘The User’ refers to us:

Data Security

(i) The User has the sole, exclusive and full responsibility for the security of data on the User’s website or any data in the User’s possession or control.

(ii) The User will  comply at all times with all applicable laws and rules in connection with the collection, security, and dissemination of any personal, financial, card, or Transaction information, including of the User’s Customers (collectively, “Transaction Data") and will restrict access to such Transaction Data by placing relevant physical and logical controls and policies. The User warrants to store such Transaction Data, not limited to Transaction Data stored on electronic devices, paper receipts, reports, faxes or handwritten notes, in a controlled environment, in which sensitive information will be clearly classified as such.

(iii) As part of User’s compliance responsibilities, the User shall only use PCI-DSS and PA-DSS compliant service providers in connection with the storage or transmission of the User’s Customers card information, and must not store CVV2 data at any time. Upon request, the  User will provide Wix with relevant documentation evidencing compliance with PCI-DSS and/or PA-DSS.

(iv) The User agrees to destroy all Transaction Data when it is no longer needed for business or legal purposes, in such a way that the Transaction Data cannot be reconstructed by any means.


Transaction Record

Except as otherwise required by applicable law, the User is solely responsible for maintaining its Transactions records and other data associated with the User Payment Account in accordance with applicable law.


Deleting your data

 If you request your data to be removed, the following data about you will be erased: Contact details, Orders, Invoices.

To request deletion, Contact me on or complete contact form at 

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